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Movie Madness – Surprise 13th Birthday Party

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Recently, a repeat client approached me about planning a birthday party for her 13 year old daughter. To any parents out there, the words “party,” and “13 year old,” can strike up the worst degree of terror and difficulty. To add to the challenge, this party had a few key components that could drive even […]

Closet Make-over

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I was recently approached by a young college age woman, expressing the desire to redesign a walk-in closet while maintaining a very strict budget. The goal was to provide a polished, streamlined closet layout system that would still provide the maximum amount of storage space that the 76” x 76” area would allow.  My goal […]

Spa Retreat Birthday Party

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Party planning for some people can be a fun experience.  For others, however, it causes too much stress and anxiety.  Your Personal Secretary Florida can be your stress reliever. I was given the opportunity to plan a birthday party for a beautiful 9 year old girl and her BFF’s.  There were however several challenges to […]

Do You Belong?

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I am often asked the question of, “how can I possibly promote my business on a limited budget?”  My answer, “do you belong to a local chamber of commerce?”  Being a part of a local chamber has many valuable benefits that are often overlooked. Most chambers are made up of local business professionals that are […]

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Since the holidays are over and 2012 is coming to a close, resolutions are at the top of everyone’s priority list. This time of year encourages people to take a close look at not only our businesses, but personal lives as well. I have realized throughout the years, there is always room […]

The Holidays Are Among Us – Perfect Time to Organize

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Since the holiday season is in full swing, now is the perfect time to organize those numerous boxes of decorations and ornaments. Over the years, through trial and error I have finally found an organization system that works for me.  I am a collector of Christmas ornaments, especially the treasured ornaments my children made when […]

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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In today’s challenging economy, many small businesses are struggling just to “keep up”.  All too often, the daily list of “Things to Do” seems to just keep growing and growing, and can become daunting and tedious before too long, resulting in the focus being taken away from actually growing the business.  In recent years, many […]