Closet Make-over

I was recently approached by a young college age woman, expressing the desire to redesign a walk-in closet while maintaining a very strict budget. The goal was to provide a polished, streamlined closet layout system that would still provide the maximum amount of storage space that the 76” x 76” area would allow.

 My goal as with any reorganization process is to start by purging out any “unnecessary” items.  In this case, it was gently used clothing and other various items that were repurposed and donated to a local charity. This was a spectacular task as it helped cleanse through the clutter, while still providing goods to a wonderful charitable organization.  After the purging process, my client and I were off shopping.   image image (2)

I was thankful my client had a clear vision of the look and functionality she was looking for.  The closet system was comprised of Pax units and accessories found at our local IKEA store.  Since our budget was limited, we decided this was a “DIY” project and would tackle the installation ourselves.  Armed with my tool box, my client and I spent a day removing the old system, prepping the walls for a fresh coat of paint and then assembly of the units.  The units were very easy to assemble and this project was completed in a weekend, all while maintaining the expressed budget.  As a bonus, there was room in floor plan and budget to incorporate a drop down make-up table complete with a stool and the closet still maintains an open appearance.  Now the closet is a fully functioning dressing room every girl would dream of. 

It is such a rewarding process assisting individuals with their organizational needs.  Often times, doing little tasks such as these can help a customer fully utilize the areas in their household. What was once a cluttered, crowded closet for a college student has now become a fully functional dressing area.

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