Movie Madness – Surprise 13th Birthday Party

Recently, a repeat client approached me about planning a birthday party for her 13 year old daughter. To any parents out there, the words “party,” and “13 year old,” can strike up the worst degree of terror and difficulty. To add to the challenge, this party had a few key components that could drive even the most sane party planner into a frenzy:

  • Theme – Movie Madness
  • Budget – Under $600 for food, cake, and decor
  • Time – Two weeks to plan and execute

And the most stressful of all?


In a world where social media rules and info is available at the tip of the finger, this party was intended to be a total surprise, one that would knock our birthday girl’s socks off.


We had our venue set inside a studio-style barn, with a large inflatable screen set up for the movies. With just under two weeks to find and prepare all food, the decision was made to create our own movie theater menu – complete with all the movie necessities: popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, soda and you can’t forget, enough sugary candies to last a week! All of the food was purchased at GFS, where we were pleased enough to find little movie theater style popcorn boxes that were perfect props to stuff with the party goer’s favors.

The day of the party, I was given about two hours to prepare before the birthday girl would arrive. It’s hard to get much done with one very curious soon-to-be-teenager from snooping around! Labels were placed on water bottles, and we had a mixture of store-bought and handmade decorations to set up in the barn aisle way. We even had a volunteer (the birthday girl’s little sister) to run the food concession stand! With just minutes to spare, we managed to align all the birthday guests to hide in corners of the barn to surprise our special girl.


It was very evident that we had been successful in surprising the birthday girl!


The party was a wonderful success, and I heard later on the next morning that there were a bunch of very tired, but very happy teenage girls! This was a very fun event that Your Personal Secretary Florida was pleased to be a part of!


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