Spa Retreat Birthday Party

20130208_161120Party planning for some people can be a fun experience.  For others, however, it causes too much stress and anxiety.  Your Personal Secretary Florida can be your stress reliever.

I was given the opportunity to plan a birthday party for a beautiful 9 year old girl and her BFF’s.  There were however several challenges to overcome to pull the party together.  The challenges included time – the party had to be planned and executed in less than 24 hours, limited budget and many of the family’s entertaining items were packed as the family is preparing to move.    After conferring with the parent, a party theme was established and I was off to work.

It was decided the theme for the party was to be a luxurious spa experience.  Arrangements were made for the girls to have complete manicure/pedicures at a local beauty salon.  While at the salon I turned a barn loft into a spa resort.  Because of a limited budget and many of the family’s belongings were packed, I was able to borrow and repurpose items to create a memorable experience.  Plain white towels became lavish linens for a borrowed massage table.  A bar stool became a beautiful table to hold deliciously scented candles for aromatherapy.  Soundscapes played softly in the background via cable TV.  Each young lady received a facial using homemade sugar scrubs and mood-brightening mist they created as a craft project.  Party favors were a new pair of pajamas, homemade mood mist, finger nail polish and bath sponge all packaged in reusable pink plastic basket containers.  The girls were delighted to receive their goodies and a night of movie star type pampering!

The menu included beautifully decorated cupcakes and heavy appetizers “finger foods” and non-alcoholic Shirley Temples.  The girls were able to snack throughout the evening.  Popcorn and a movie while wearing their new comfy pajamas completed their spa-sleepover experience.IMG_8646

This party was pulled together in less than 24 hours and was accomplished for under the $400.00 budget complete with food.  Memorable experiences don’t have to come with months of stressful planning and a sky-high budget; all it takes is a bit of ingenuity to create something wonderful! With a little creativity and assistance from Your Personal Secretary Florida you too can have an event to remember.