The Holidays Are Among Us – Perfect Time to Organize

Since the holiday season is in full swing, now is the perfect time to organize those numerous boxes of decorations and ornaments.

Over the years, through trial and error I have finally found an organization system that works for me.  I am a collector of Christmas ornaments, especially the treasured ornaments my children made when they were younger.  I enjoy hearing my children reminisce and retell stories about some of their favorites.  Unfortunately, after years of packing and unpacking, it can take a serious toll on our beloved treasures.  Below is a list of helpful tips that can help you keep your ornaments and other decorations looking fresh year after year.  It will also help decorating your home or office quick and easy.

  1. Purge – While unpacking boxes and decorating your home, use this time to thoroughly inspect ornaments and decorations.  Discard any items that are severely worn or broken.  Many of us, including myself tend to hold onto items longer than we should thinking we will one day find time to rehabilitate or repair them.  A good rule of thumb to remember is if you purchase something new, something old must “go away”.  Consider donating unused or unwanted items to local charities or recycling.
  2. Assess Your Storage Needs –Now that your home is beautifully decorated, use this time to access your storage needs.  Another  good rule of thumb to remember is if you have for an example three full boxes of decorations, when replacing your containers, consider purchasing a forth or even fifth container to  give you room to carefully repack and sort your items.
  3. Proper Containers – Never use cardboard boxes or newspaper.  Unfortunately they attract bugs and do not hold up over the years.  Consider replacing old and torn boxes with color coded plastic storage containers that are transparent so you can view the contents easier.  It is also a good idea to purchase a roll of bubble wrap to pack your items in.  The best time to purchase containers is in January when New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts are at the top of everyone’s list.  Container manufacturers have really stepped it up when it comes to sizes and styles.   One thing to keep in mind when shopping is where you will be storing your decorations.  If storing in the attic, it is a good idea to measure the attic opening before shopping.  Many years back I made the mistake of thinking “bigger” was better and purchased several oversized storage containers only to find they would not fit into my attic.  Another thing to think about is, if you will be stacking the containers, make sure the construction is good quality and has a sturdy lid.
  4. Labeling – When repacking your items, there are several ways to sort through your decorations.  I personally sort my items by type (ornaments and decorations) and location.  Since I decorate just about every room in my home, I organize a container for each location.  I find it helps me to be able to quickly decorate that space by taking a container with everything I need into the room.  Each container is properly labeled with location and contents.

If the above suggestions seem overwhelming, and you cannot fit into your schedule, remember I am here to help you.  Give me a call today.

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